To a newcomer, the Metaverse sounds just like a new VR experience, but veterans and those in-the-know about these new developments believe Metaverse could be the next evolution of the Internet.


Metaverse is a virtual world where anyone can communicate with anyone else, anywhere else and really do anything they want. Unlike current virtual reality, which is predominantly used for gaming, Metaverse could be used for practically anything — work, play, concerts, cinema, or just to hang out with others. You can set up virtual businesses, purchase virtual land, create art, and many more things. The opportunities are only limited by what you can imagine.


There are some industries which will undergo massive shifts thanks to the new developments in and around the Metaverse. Software companies, game companies, the education industry, and almost all entertainment-based industries will be heavily impacted.



The Metaverse has immeasurable potential when it comes to the gaming industry. Modern gamers are already familiar with the new game concepts currently being developed and tested. The industry has quickly begun to shift towards GameFi experiences powered by the Blockchain, NFTs and Cryptocurrency payments, and away from traditional games.


The potential for video games in the Metaverse is far greater than for the entertainment industry. Because the Metaverse has the power to simulate real-world scenarios and host completely new virtual worlds, gamers worldwide have been very excited for this revolution. The broader public already got a small insight into what games in the Metaverse could possibly look like with Ernest Cline’s and Steven Spielberg’s CGI Thriller “Ready Player One”.


Recently, the entire world was turned upside down with the global pandemic which brought massive worldwide lockdowns. This resulted in massive boredom, and this helped us realize the massive potential for games in the Metaverse. Currently, over 400 games are live on various Blockchains, with industry giants starting to step into this new field to make it truly prosper.


Here’s what some of the biggest names in the game industry have already begun doing:

  • Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite, is actively investing in building a Metaverse. Their development of a photorealistic digital human using MetaHuman Creator is just the beginning. They also joined forces with Balenciaga to develop digital avars and doppelgangers. The amount of effort and investment that Epic Games is making to turn their video game universe into the Metaverse is a clear indication of the direction of the video game industry.
  • Roblox, major game publisher, allows players to create their own virtual worlds and games. Roblox’s collaboration with Vans to create a virtual skateboard park where players can outfit their characters with Vans gear. They also opened a Gucci Garden for users to purchase branded accessories and clothing for their in-game characters.
  • Minecraft was one of the first true sandbox style games, and through its success propelled the genre to be one of the most popular with hundreds of millions of players. With Minecraft, players enter an infinitely large virtual world where they can build anything they can imagine and level up their characters through doing so.

The Metaverse revolution will change gaming forever, and players worldwide will love it. With new game mechanics such as NFTs, Play-to-Earn, and Cryptocurrency payments, this new generation of games will shift from just being a hobby or entertainment to serious financial investments.



It is tempting to have an alternate world where all of the cultural and economic issues we face in the real world are cast aside. Metaverse gaming is a concept to visualize alternate realities, which means creating new and engaging virtual worlds will be the name of the game. New jobs will almost surely be created with all of the investment that is going into the Metaverse already today. The Metaverse is looking like the definite future of the game industry with large MNCs like Meta and Epic as well as Sandbox and Decentraland showing significant interest in the space. If you are a gamer today, book your seats for the next decade in the Metaverse as it might just get more exciting than the real world.



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