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Network TO Support MMO

Professional Grade Game Engine

Built-in Blockchain Interactions

Performance Metrics

From Developers of HeroEngine - One Of The Most Experienced Teams In Gaming Infra

• 30+ million active MMO players

• Started development in 2001, first license sold to Electronic Arts in 2005

• From AAA games to hundreds of small and large projects currently under development on HeroEngine

• 20 years of enterprise-level deployment

• 2 million lines of C++ code integrating Player, Networking, Servers, and other tools for a massive multiplayer experiences

Real-Time Development With metaENGINE

With metaENGINE’s game development platform, you don’t just develop and deploy games, but you can make changes in the live game like the real metaverse would do

The platform reduces your game cost by a 75%
Sell your art as assets, blueprints, code plugins, and audio recordings made by you on metaENGINE’s marketplace
Full MMO networking integration into your game, taking the gaming experience to another level amongst gaming enthusiasts.

Hassle-Free Integration: The Shopify of GameFi World!

 metaENGINE’s engineers have already integrated all the necessary tools within the platform, making it easy for the developers to build their games.

A decentralized platform with all the necessary tools at one place
Blockchain integration makes the gaming infrastructure robust and impossible to hack
The feature makes the platform Shopify for GameFi developers in it’s true sense.

Easy to Understand and Implement Documentation

The platforms offers you step-by-step guide to building your games from scratch

Numerous video tutorials and content to understand gaming development on metaENGINE.
Quick support by our engineers for better understanding of the platform
The Go-to-guides reduces your overall development time and cost

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