The Only Engine You Need to Build the Metaverse

Redefining the GameFi World

Level up your gaming experience with the most advanced game engine in the world. Your game, your rules, one environment.

Your search for the most unified gaming platform ends here. metaENGINE offers the gaming developer community a complete power-packed set of the most advanced features developed over the blockchain.

Some Serious Gaming Features

Save Your Bucks!

The world's most advanced gaming features with real-time development.
Save your time and money by a whooping 3 to 9 times with metaENGINE's
seamless end-to-end integration.

Stealth Mode

Highly secure and impossible to break through - one-of-a-kind platform
developed over the blockchain. Say goodbye to downtime and security
concerns with the most robust & secure infrastructure.

Personalize Your designs for optimized Results

Your environment, your rules! Eliminate middlemen participation
& Grant tamper proof data with metaENGINE.

Access to Exclusive Gaming Events & Experts

Get global recognition with metaENGINE's gaming platform. Enjoy
access to the most elite gaming community, events, and game
development space.

Enter The World of Endless Gaming Possibilities

Extract Insights With Game Data & Metrics

Get real-time insights into your game with numerous data points for evaluation.


Real time Live 24x7 Environment

Introducing the first-ever gaming platform to offer real-time gaming development. Enjoy the experience of true metaverse with metaENGINE's gaming platform. Build your gaming characters and assets in a real-time environment.


Endless Learning Aids & Resources

Enjoy your gaming development journey on our platform with stepwise video lessons, documentation & learning aids. Easy to understand and simple to implement.


Hassle Free Integration With Crypto wallets

Secure and easy to integrate crypto-payment solutions with our platform. No more running around stressing about implementing advanced blockchain features, everything is already available.

Integration Tools We Offer
Wallet & transactions

Integrating crypto wallets and enabling
seamless transactions


Forging existing and Minting new NFTs
with decentralised metadata hosting


Game creation assets and NFT content


Liquidity provider and exchange
for game tokens


Fully decentralised game publishing platform


DAO formation and governance to monitor
and operate metaENGINE

World's Biggest Decentralized Gaming Platform


Enjoy access to the most advanced gaming community. More than 30 million active players on the platform make it a one-of-a-kind solution.


Backed by a team of highly motivated & experienced individuals holding a cumulative experience of more than 20+ years in the industry.

Established in 2001, the team holds vast experience in the gaming & development domain. Build, deploy and grow has been the thriving motivation factor.


Q4 2021

blockchain plugins development Multiplayer game pre-production Direct3D12 upgrade Shopify of GameFi developers onboarding

Q1 2022

Blockchain plugins integration & testing Character and level design Publishing app design EarthTwn world building


v1 release
Release of the publishing platform NFT Sale of Game content NFT Sale of EarthTwn

Q3 2022

Beta Tests
Additional features - Publishing platform Game released in Beta EarthTwn opens to first visitors

Q4 2022

Games releases
Multiplayer Game v1.0 release EarthTwn is deployment ready First games ported on metaENGINE

Q1 2023

More Games
games fully developed on metaENGINE released to public Multiplayer Game updated content Additional libraries of games ported

The Team

The metaEngine leadership team is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and tech industry experts, bringing decades of experience to a global company. Meet our team of gaming warriors, ready to harness the force of engines for an exceptional metaverse & GameFi experience.


12 years running and operating the only cloud-based MMO game infrastructure at HeroEngine. Co-founder @UEVO (SmartCity Engine). Experienced IT consultant, research analyst and fund manager.

Alex Shalash



Former trader at Societe Generale and Lloyds Bank. Built and sold StreamQuest (streaming gamification platform), co-founder @UEVO (SmartCity engine) Experienced crypto advisor and investor.

Antoine Castel



25+ years gaming experience.Technical and art director for BioWare, Midway, CrimeCraft. MMORPG with Electronic Arts. 3d animation full featured films and game cinematics.

Valerii Gorban

Head of Game Studio


Worked at JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank. Built and sold Instant Pay (Fintech Wallet), LALA (crypto non custodial wallet), COSS (Singapore's first crypto exchange). Active investor & hosts a crypto podcast called @HashTalk.

Sankalp Shangari

Strategic Investor